2-Pin Adapter

The 2-pin module is used to incorporate through hole components into your circuits. Resistors, capacitors and even 2-pin sensors can fit into this module.        


x1 10Ω resistor          
x1 100Ω resistor       
x1 1kΩ resistor           
x1 10kΩ resistor  

x1 100kΩ resistor 
x1 Photoresistor 
x1 1uF capacitor
x1 100nF capacitor 

Tech Talk

The 2- pin component is used to incorporate through hole components into circuits. The module has two pairs of vias on top, allowing two components to be put in parallel. Components should be inserted across the resistor symbol in the middle of the module. If you flip it over, you will see a 2x4 header. The four sockets on the left are all connected (node 1) and so are the four sockets on the right (node 2). Each node is connected to the foot closest to it. If two or more components are inserted with one pin in each node, the components share 2 nodes, and therefore are in parallel.