Happy New Year From Electroninks!

One year ago here at Electroninks, we counted down to the new year with the end of our Kickstarter campaign. This year, we are so happy to have delivered a finished product to our backers and to brand new customers as well! We'd like to thank all of them for their support this past year. We’re really looking forward to a productive and exciting 2015!

BMW commercial

A few days ago, we had our own interesting New Years surprise, brought to our attention by a Twitter follower. BMW is using Circuit Scribe in a beautiful new advertisement, airing in Germany! A friend translated the end of the commercial for us:

“...no matter how we drive into the future, the most important thing is to whom.”

What a great message!


We want to hear from you in 2015!

We’ve really enjoyed seeing your Circuit Scribe creations via email and Twitter - but we want to see more! Soon we will designate a new area of our website for user content. Send us your high-resolution photos and project descriptions to info@electroninks.com, and we’ll feature our favorite projects on our website or in our catalog (with credit given to you, of course!).

A little more holiday fun

Finally, we’d like to share one more fun holiday project. One of our favorite parts of going home for the holidays is playing with old childhood toys; Circuit Scribe integrated really well with one of them!

How we made it: Circuit Scribe ink, like most gel inks, will smear when we try to use it directly with Spirograph (TM) gears. Instead, we drew the patterns with pencil and traced over them with the conductive ink. Voila! Some simple and fun conductive artwork using a vintage toy.

We'd like to wish all of you all a happy, healthy, and creative new year!

-The Electroninks Team