Project Ignite

We are very excited to announce that our partner Autodesk has launched a new learning platform! Project Ignite is a new tool for students to learn design and making skills in and out of the classroom, in a fun and exciting way.

Project Ignite brings together 3D printing, 3D design, and electronics, which are all hot topics in education today. The site truly gives students the tools they need to utilize their creativity.  We are excited to be partners in this project, and to offer our kits and custom curriculum through the Project Ignite site.


Below is an excerpt from Autodesk’s press release:


“With Autodesk’s long history in education, it understands first-hand how young learners have the potential to change the world when given the right tools and inspiration. The Project Ignite learning platform adds to Autodesk’s comprehensive free* offerings in education by delivering a unique package of technology, learning content and services created specifically to bring the Maker Movement into the classroom…The Project Ignite learning platform additionally offers classroom bundles, which include hardware such as 3D printers and electronics kits along with professional development and training services, to help educators get up and running quickly.”


A mini version of ‘City Lights’ presented at the TEDx Cambridge exhibition on June 18.

The City of Lights Project (pictured above) is a collaboration between Autodesk and Electroninks, and you can find instructions on how to create your own through the Project Ignite website!  The project utilizes both Tinkercad and the Electroninks circuit simulator.

The site offers options for educators, schools, educational partners, as well as parents and families, giving everyone an opportunity to benefit from the platform’s many features. The more we inspire children to create, the more they can do:


“The ability to take risks, learn from failure and solve problems is critical to prepare students for the challenges ahead,” said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing. “When learning includes making, designing and creativity, students have the freedom to explore different ways of engaging with content and each other. Project Ignite provides the collaborative and hands-on environment needed to energize educators, increase student engagement and inspire design thinking in a simple and fun way.”


Project Ignite’s homepage, where anyone can sign up to learn and create!


Autodesk’s full press release can be found here.