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Maker Kit

The Maker Kit contains a pen, eleven modules, a 9V Battery and other accessories to improve your circuit drawing experience (see below for full list). This kit allows you to explore all the concepts that the basic kit does while improving your understanding of different ways to input, process and output signals in your circuits. Additional topics to be explored include light, timed circuits, and piezoelectric materials, among others.  


x2 - Bi-Directional LED
x1 - SPST Switch
x1 - 2-Pin
x1 - NPN Transistor
x1 - 9V Adapter
x1 - 9V Battery

x1 - Potentiometer
x1 - RGB LED
x1 - Buzzer
x1 - Light Sensor
x1 - Blinker

PLUS Our Educational Workbook, Circuit Stencil, Steel Sheet, Jumper Stickers, Resistor Accessories, and one of our Conductive Ink Pens!