Circuit scribe lite kit $24.99

This is the Circuit Scribe Lite Kit, a all-in-one starter pack to create simple circuits with conductive ink. Once you unpack this kit set-up is simple, by drawing two lines that connect the LED module to a battery with the Conductive Ink Pen you will have your first basic circuit. Of course you don’t need to just stop at lighting up an LED Module, the Conductive Ink Pen included in this kit can be used for any type of circuit you wish to create!

Circuit Scribe Basic Kit + Book $59.99

The Basic Kit + Book comes with our most fundamental modules that you can use to create cool circuits! Connect the LEDs in parallel or series, use capacitors to fade them on and off, or make a paper touch sensor with the NPN transistor. Kit comes with our workbook with project ideas, 6 of our magnetic electric modules, Circuit Scribe pen and accessories. 

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Circuit Scribe Maker Kit $79.99

Circuit Scribe Maker Kit $79.99

The Maker Kit comes with a range of modules that you can use to create cool circuits! The maker kit adds 5 new modules on top of the Basic Kit + book. It adds an RGB LED, Blinker, Photosensor, Buzzer and Potentiometer. 

Purchase Individual Modules 

Purchase Individual Modules 

Need a single motor, or 20 LEDs? You can buy individual modules through the Autodesk 123D Circuits store! 

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