High Performance Particle-free Conductive Inks for Weight Reduction in Space and Aerospace Applications

Electroninks is the industry leader in Particle Free Ink (PFI) Conductive Inks:



  • Highly conductive PFI - use 90% less material than current state-of-the-art
  • Low Cost of Ownership


  • Patented formulations without metal particle as a starting material
  • Fine-line features and high conductivity enable streamlined manufacturing

Product Details

Ability To Print on 3D Surfaces

  • Capability to print conductive ink on 3D surfaces, such as around edges of thin glass for ┬ÁLED and mini LED

EMI and RF Shielding

  • Spray Coating for On-Chip EMI Shielding Information Sheet
  • CircuitshieldTM package level shielding
  • Traditionally, metal lid (casing) has been the main shielding material
  • The industry is moving towards package level shielding to enable more SiP, AoP, 5G and more functionality in devices


  • Ability to directly metalize conventional data cables and wires to provide exceptional shielding properties and low-loss data transfer
  • Compatible with common dielectric materials
  • Low-curing temperature

Reflective Surfaces & Reflective Films

  • LightguideTM for OLED, LCD, VR and AR displays

Touch Panels

  • Film (PET, COP, PC, PI, etc.)
  • Inorganic surfaces (glass, ITO, Si, SiO, SiN)
  • Elastomers (PU, vinyl, etc.)